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Global Asset Trustee

Our trustee team has decades of trustee services administration experience with one of the earliest foreign bank owned and managed trustee companies in Malaysia. We have built and maintain strong relationships with clients over the long term.

Number One Trust Services

We serve our clients without any conflict of interest and in compliance with the requirements under Malaysian law and the relevant regulatory authorities.

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Area Of Practices

We provide continuity in existence, experience, expertise, manpower and accountability in carrying out its role as executor, trustee and custodian.

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Estate Planning

Efficient and effective implementation of the estate plan. Wealth protection and preservation.Reasonable implementation costs during the lifetime and/or at a designated time determined by the client;

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Process Decades of Trustee Services Administration Experience

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We act as a trustee of many types of trust portfolios.

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Private Trust

A Trust portfolio created for the benefit of one or more ascertainable beneficiaries, and not for the...

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Corporate Trust

A corporate trustee’s role is to act independently in the interest of the trust. It carries out its duties according...

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Wills Writing

Will is a legal document that takes effect upon death of the maker of the will (called the testator) and...

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Family Trust

Where the family trust is a testamentary trust, it is common for the settlor to leave a letter of wishes...

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Education Trust

An educational trust specifies that trust funds are to be used for education. It can also refer to a trust...

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Retirement Scheme

A defined benefit pension scheme is one where the amount paid is based on how many years a person worked...

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We serve our clients without any conflict of interest and in compliance with the requirements under Malaysia law and the relevant regulatory authorities.
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Data Protection


General data protection laws

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA“).

Entry into force

The PDPA came into force on 15 November 2013.

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